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Watch Big Brother Rescue Baby Falling From Changing Table

This is one miraculous save.
PUBLISHED ON 11/17/2016

A 9-year-old boy is being hailed a hero for diving to rescue his baby brother, who fell off a changing table earlier this fall. The whole thing was captured on the family's video monitor, and they're just sharing it on Facebook now.

In the video, 11-month-old Eitan is laying on his back on the changing table, with his mother, Tila Levi, right nearby. She turns around for a moment, and so does he; he rolls over, hangs a leg off the table and tumbles off the edge.

That's when 9-year-old Joseph swoops in, diving to catch his baby brother. While Eitan's legs hit the ground, Joseph braces him from any other impact. The most miraculous part? Joseph wasn't even in the room when Eitan flipped over; he was walking by as he noticed the fall.

In spite of the backlash and "bad parent" comments Levi's received on Facebook, she's sharing the video to remind parents to cherish their kids. The footage trails off with the mother embracing both of her boys.

"My message is to parents: Enjoy your kids," Levi says. "Protect them as much as you can. At the end of the day, in a second, everything can change."

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