Build-A-Bear Rolls Out a ‘Pay Your Age’ Day

For one day only, your little ones can build their own toy for the cost of their age.
ByAshley Edwards Walker
Contributing Writer
Jul 2018
build a bear workshop offers pay your age deal
Photo: Adam Bettcher / Getty Images

Depending on the day—and who’s with you—Build-A-Bear can be the most magical place in the mall, or the store that makes you walk/run in the opposite direction. There’s something about making your own one-of-a-kind best friend that kids can’t resist, but with all the costumes, accessories and other add-ons the store offers, a single visit can end up costing parents some serious cash. Which is exactly why, if you’re planning a visit, you should plan for an outing this Thursday, July 12.

For the first time, Build-a-Bear is introducing a “Pay Your Age Day,” and it’s pretty much the best thing ever. Instead of paying $25—or even $35!—for a stuffed animal, customers who visit any Build-a-Bear location this Thursday will only pay their current age in dollars. So if you have a kid who’s 3, you’ll only pay $3 for their new friend. The best part? This one-day-only deal applies to the original line of bears and licensed characters from brands like Marvel and Star Wars.

There are, of course, a few minor “fine print” items to consider before shopping. For one thing, the costumes and various other add-ons are sold separately and at full price, so you could still rack up a pretty hefty bill if you go big on the extras.

To get the deal, parents or guardians have to enroll in the complimentary Build-A-Bear Bonus Club rewards program. (The good news: A name and valid email address are the only requirements.)

The third caveat is that the person wishing to pay his or her age must be present at the time of purchase. Which is fine. Building the thing is half the fun, and something your kids definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on.

If you’re imagining the insanely long line you’d have to wait on to take advantage of this amazing deal, don’t worry: You can still buy a stuffed animal at the discounted price and then come back later when the crowds are smaller so your kids can build their new friend.

In short: The kids get new Build-a-Bears, you get a fun activity to do together and it’s not going to deplete your date night fund. Wins all around!

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