Mom’s Side-By-Side Bump Photos Show All Pregnancies Are Different

These Photos Show How Different Pregnancies Can Be, Even When It's Your Own.
ByNatalie Neusch
Contributing Writer
Nov 2017
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Photo: Shutterstock / The Bump

There’s been more honesty in recent years on what before and after pregnancy bellies can really look like without the glossy mag photoshop. But there aren’t a lot of photos that capture how bodies can be different from pregnancy to pregnancy—even when it’s your own. One mom took to Facebook to share a candid and truthful post in the hopes of inspiring moms everywhere to love their changing physique, even after the first time around.

Laura Mazza, or more commonly known online as the Mum on the Run, is a popular blogger known for her honest takes on pregnancy, parenting, and life in general. Mazza, a mother of two and now expecting a third, is frustrated by what society deems the “right” type of pregnancy belly, when in truth, all of her pregnancies have looked so different.

She shared two photos from her pregnancies and posted them side by side. One from when she was 14 weeks with her first child and thought that she was “HUGE.” Mazza writes, “I was embarrassed at how bloated I looked. I spent time hiding my stomach even though people knew I was pregnant.” The other photo is taken recently, nine weeks into her current pregnancy.

She says, “Now I think I’m about 9 weeks, this is my third child. I double the size of the first. There’s no muscles in there, I didn’t lose the baby weight after the first kid, nor the second, and after this kid I won’t rush to lose the weight after this one either.”

Mazza chose to post the photos in response to her growing frustration with women who are overly concerned with how their pregnancy looks and those people who freely comment on the bumps of others:

“I see it all the time, woman who think their bumps are too small or too big. Who have people constantly commenting on their pregnant bodies. Constantly saying ‘you’re sooooooo tiny!’ Or ‘you’re soooo huge!’ like it’s okay to comment and a growing baby makes it free for all.”

In sharing her photos, Mazza hopes to inspire other moms to truly embrace their unique bodies and feel empowered just the way that they are.

“I am a woman, I am a mother. I’m not a perfect size 0, one day I might be but at the end of the day, I’m a perfect mother to my children and future children. I am happy, my children are happy and to me that is all that matters in life.”

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