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Kathleen Mulpeter

Bumpie Tip Of The Week: Healthy Pregnancy Snack Ideas

PUBLISHED ON 06/06/2012

One of the best ways to make sure you’re getting all the important nutrients you need during pregnancy is to stock up on plenty of healthy snack foods. The Bumpies on our 1st Trimester message board shared some of their favorite (healthy!) pregnancy snacks for on-the-go and to make at home.

“I like the packages of single serve edamame they have in the freezer section—super convenient [to cook] in the microwave.” –MargauxGreen

“I’m a big fan of Nature Valley granola bars and bananas, as well as V8 Fusions juices.” –Killer Tomato

“Sometimes when I need something more substantial, I cook a whole wheat wrap with a little cheese. Another favorite snack is to steam a sliced zucchini in the microwave, drain the water and drizzle a little olive oil and pepper on top.” –SuzJune04

“I like Kashi cereal or granola bars, since they have lots of fiber and protein. I also like yogurt mixed with fruit or cereal, plain goldfish, celery sticks with veggie cream cheese and baby carrots.” –LoveBug0516

“I'm freezing grapes and then as they thaw, they're a nice refreshing snack.” –EducatedIvy

“I keep a box of raisins on me in case I get stuck somewhere and end up hungry.  A handful of pistachios can be really satisfying, too.” –catch2010

“Trader Joe's sells these pre-portioned trail mix pouches with cashews, almonds and dried cranberries that my husband and I are obsessed with.  I like that I can't go overboard with the snack since each serving is individually wrapped.” –smjauch22

“All I've been wanting is loads of ice cream, so I've been subbing in smoothies made with plain yogurt, bananas, wheat germ, peanut butter and lots of ice to give them that ‘frosty’ texture.” –Mrs_Bennett

“A cup of yogurt with about ¼ cup of almonds added into it for a nice crunch and dried apricots (they are really sweet and have good amounts of iron and potassium).” –Beachgirl24

“Hummus and pita! Make plain hummus and have a few things to throw in it to change it up during the week (add some cayenne one day to make a bit spicy, cilantro, cilantro AND jalapeno, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, etc.) that way you won't get bored with it.” –LurkieLoo

“For a quick and easy snack, I make chicken salad on crackers.  Take 1 large can of chicken, 1 individual size cup of plain Greek yogurt and one whole dill pickle.  Dice the pickle and mix in a small Tupperware with the yogurt and the canned chicken.  Voila, chicken salad!  Makes eight servings on crackers.  I make it on Monday and take it to work with me to have through the week, and it's very satisfying and fresh-tasting.  You could eat it for lunch on a wrap, too.” –TruthSnark

“I eat lots sandwiches on whole grain bread, switching up the toppings: Turkey with spinach leaves, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, all ready in containers in the fridge so I can grab and go.” –sunflower.17

“We've recently been buying boxes of pre-sliced apples from Costco. They are way more expensive than regular apples, but they're organic, yummy and super convenient! I also love cold apples and hate it if they're brown at all, so these are a perfect snack to keep in the fridge and grab.” –MrsBigTime

Tell us, what are your favorite healthy snack ideas?

PHOTO: Thinkstock / The Bump