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Kathleen Mulpeter

Bumpie Tip Of The Week: How To Get Through The 3rd Trimester At Work

PUBLISHED ON 05/09/2012

Pregnancy is already tough, and if you’re working right up until delivery, those last few months with a big belly can be especially hard. We found some great tips from Bumpies on the Working Moms message board for getting through the 3rd Trimester while still working 9 to 5.

Get comfy!

“I brought a huge water bottle, and my boss let me bring a pillow for my back.” –mylittlebee220

“I'm a teacher. I started my 3rd Trimester as the school year began. I got a very comfy chair and did a lot of teaching sitting down.” –waTracy

“Sit when you can. I use interoffice mail more or call people and ask them to come pick something up.  I'm tired!” –alwaysduke00

Stay nourished

“I spent my day off prepping snacks for work. I would make little baggies of cut-up veggies, fruit, graham crackers and other little snacks that would be somewhat healthy.” –Anne Mommy

“I made sure I grabbed a cup of ice to munch on from the pantry (I hated drinking water) and usually a small snack every couple hours.” –jesspacatc

“Nutrition is really important to help with energy.  Have small snacks every three hours, keep nuts, natural energy bars, and fruit nearby. The snacks really help me.” –veronicad07

Take a break

“Try to stand every 30 minutes and stretch your legs.  Do some simple calf stretches and thigh stretches. I've also tried wearing medium compression stockings; they're not too difficult to put on and they really help with leg pain and fatigue.” –veronicad08

“I brought my yoga mat and would close my office door, lie down and stretch out when it got bad.” –jlaOK

“I sit at a desk for nine hours so I made sure I got up at least every hour and took a little walk.  If it got bad I went to health services and laid on a cot. The key is to listen to your body!” –kms34

Think about the future

“I kept my eye on the prize: Baby and maternity leave.  I just kept working to get to my goal!” –shouldbworkin

What advice would you give a mom-to-be in her 3rd Trimester for getting through those last few months at work?

PHOTO: Getty Images