Bumpie Tip of the Week: Stocking Up for Two Under Two

ByJackie DiBella
Jun 2013
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Once you finally thought you could clean up the nursery, surprise! Here comes baby #2. Congrats, you’re going to have two kids under the age of two! Well, that happened quicker than you thought, huh? So, will you need two of everything? Not to fear - our Bumpies on the Two Under 2 board tell you what products you’ll (really) need for baby #2.

“My boys are 19 months apart. We went with another crib. DS1 sleeps way too well in his and he can’t get out yet. Both of the beds came with rails, so we’ll switch them when they are ready.” -bethanyree*

“Double stroller we very much use now with both the kids.  It’s great since it is a tandem, it isn’t very wide. Also, it’s seats are completely removable which is great when the time comes that I only need one in the stroller. We also have a double jogger that is our rugged stroller, and used for morning runs with the kids.” -morgs8384

“My oldest will be 3 in August. She is still in a crib and refuses to potty train. At the rate we are going my youngest (20 months) will be potty trained before her. We also went with the cribs that convert into full sized beds, so it wasn’t a waste for us to buy 2. Also, we got 2 changing tables and never used the 2nd one. It was such a waste!” -kagl08

“My girls are 19 months apart. We did not get a second crib - we kept DD2 in a PNP in our room and left DD1 in the crib until 23 months, then switched her to a toddler bed. At that point DD2 was almost 6 months and we moved her from the PNP in our room to the crib. A double stroller was and sometimes still is very necessary for us. I used it a lot to shop, go to dr appts, of go for walks in the neighborhood when DD2 was very small.” -memali26

“We moved DD to her new big girl room with a twin bed after DS was born.  He was in our room for about 5months anyways.  We moved her about 2months after he was born (so it wasn’t too much change at once).  She was 20months at the time.  Overall the transition wasn’t bad except we did have to lay with her to fall asleep for the first few weeks.” -jf198400

“Mine are 16 months apart.  We had two cribs.  DD just wasn’t ready to be out of her crib and honestly, the last thing I wanted with a newborn baby was my 16 month old wandering the halls.  Keeping her contained was a huge plus.  We ended up taking down the rail when we decided she was ready and it had nothing to do with DS!” -sweetpea20

“I bought a second changing table before DD2 was born but it’s really not needed.  I used both but we could have gotten away with just one!” -Qmommy

“I suggest making things as easy on yourself as possible for the first few months/last trimester! I would get a second crib, if for nothing else, than to have a safe place to contain an active toddler, and only have one child to handle in the middle of the night. I got a second changing table because the boys are in two rooms and to save my back. Don’t make things harder/more stressful for yourself. Enjoy your last few months of your toddler getting your full attention!” -lew0509

*Some names have been changed.

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