Cameron Diaz Reveals What’s Helping Her Most as New Mom In Lockdown

Cameron Diaz Reveals What’s Helping Her Most as New Mom in Lockdown

Her secret to success? Having opposite sleep schedules with her husband.
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April 23, 2020
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Cameron Diaz and husband Benji Madden are opening up about life as new parents amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In an Instagram Live session with celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman on Wednesday, April 22, Diaz revealed that having opposite sleep schedules with her husband has been very helpful in taking care of their 3-month-old daughter Raddix.

During the session, PEOPLE reports that Diaz, 47, stated that her husband is more of a “night” person. “Benji wants to go to bed late, and I like to go to bed early…that works so well for us as parents,” she said. “I can go to bed a few hours early and he does those later feeds with her. I can wake up early and be with her in the morning and [Benji] can sleep.”

Diaz continued that their opposite sleep schedules has made her realize the importance of surrounding yourself with people different from yourself. She explained that she came across the realization during a conversation with her good friend and fellow actress Drew Barrymore. “We all need somebody…somebody who doesn’t do what we do,” she said, adding, “It’s the tribal thing, it’s why we need tribes.”

In terms of how she’s spending her time as a new mom in lockdown and what she does to stay positive, Diaz explained that she gets up early and tries to keep busy and moving until she goes to bed that night. “I’m so used to going, going, going. My engine starts and I don’t idle through the day,” she stated.

Then, to wind down, she likes to cook. “It’s my favorite thing in the world to do. That’s my happy place. Cooking is everything…I’m eating way too much pasta. I’m eating it every night. It’s just comforting and it’s easy and you can use so many things,” Diaz continued.

Recently, Diaz, during another Instagram Live session, explained that the lockdown hasn’t affected her life as a new mom all that much, but has made her more anxious. While she’s trying to stay positive, the pandemic has been scary for her, as there is so much uncertainty around what’s going to happen or when the lockdown will end. Her advice to counteract the anxiety? Take it slow. “The best thing to do is to stay in the moment,” she explained. “Just take care.”

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