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Kylie McConville

Celebrities Give Kate Middleton Parenting Advice

PUBLISHED ON 12/18/2012

Since news of the royal baby first spread across the airwaves (and the Atlantic!), celebrities and commoners alike having been serving up some of their very best _unsolicited _parenting advice for the expectant mom and dad! Advice ranged from which pillow worth investing in to baby names to what to look forward to as the big day approaches, seems like everywhere, someone has some tips for the Duchess and her growing bump.

Famous reality TV star Snooki told Kate, "Enjoy your pregnancy and be excited. Enjoy your time at home - or the castle, in her case." She also famously suggested Middleton use a Boppy pillow in the event that she breastfeeds her child. Snooki added, "every new mom should have one."

Snooki even went so far as to remind Kate that tough times lie ahead, after the baby comes, but she assures the Duchess that "you’ll get to know him/her, keep them safe and fall more in love each day." Kind of obvious, no?

And the advice just didn't end there. Recently, English business magnate Richard Branson told the couple that the baby will bring "the happiest days of your life to look forward to!"

But perhaps the most interesting piece of advice came from Popstar Ed Sheeran. Thinking way down the road, he had some very specific baby name advice, saying, “I just think it’s time for someone in the Royal Family to have a rock ’n’ roll name for their kids. Call it Ziggy or Twig. This is the time. If ever’s the time to do it, it is now."

Quite a unique crowd that's come out to give the Duke and Duchess some parenting advice, huh? Think they'll listen?

What advice would you give to a first-time mom and dad?

PHOTO: Zimbio