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Buzzworthy Celebrity Baby Names of 2014

PUBLISHED ON 12/28/2014

From secret pregnancies to ice bucket challenge pregnancy announcements, it's been quite the year in the Hollywood baby world. And with all of these new celebrity babies, the naming competition was fierce. Did we end up with a new North West or Blue Ivy? Laura Wattenberg, founder of Baby Name Wizard, helps us break down the most talked about baby names of 2014.

Wyatt Isabelle Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher welcomed a baby girl, Wyatt Isabelle. “Wyatt has been one of the hottest boy names in America in the last decade,” Wattenberg says. She indicates that pairing it with a very girly middle name was a smart move. “Parents who give a really masculine first name to a girl almost always give a very feminine middle name in the hopes that it gives you some options.”

Briar Rose Rose is having a Hollywood-middle-name moment, thanks to River Rose (Kelly Clarkson’s daughter), London Rose (Carson Daly’s daughter) and Alena Rose (Danielle and Kevin Jonas’s daughter). Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen admitted naming their daughter after the main character from Sleeping Beauty. Are fairy tale names set to take off? Wattenberg explains it's more of a steady trend. “We’ve always liked magical or fantasy names for girls. You can just track it through the history of popular culture,” she says.

Esmeralda Amada Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling shocked us all when they announced they were expecting back in July. And the private couple surprised us again when they revealed how they came up with their daughter's beautiful name. The couple chose Esmeralda for the gypsy in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame and Amada for Mendes’s grandmother.

Oliver Finlay With all of the fairy tale-inspired names, we thought that Once Upon A Time stars Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas would pick a name with storybook charm. Instead, they opted for what Wattenberg calls a "quirky classic," Oliver. They tacked on Finlay, giving this little Prince Charming some Scottish flair.

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