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Kathleen Mulpeter

Chat With Jane Buckingham And Huggies Tomorrow On Twitter

PUBLISHED ON 08/28/2012

Hi Bumpies,

Exciting news! Tomorrow, 8/29 from noon-1pm EST, we'll be hosting a Twitter chat with Jane Buckingham ( @Jane_Buckingham) and Huggies ( @Huggies).

For those of you who may not know her, Jane Buckingham is the author of The Modern Girl's Guide to Motherhood (check it out on Amazon!). She also blogs about her parenting experiences on The Modern Girl's Guide to Raising Decent Daughters. She'll be chatting with us tomorrow about pregnancy and motherhood. Make sure you follow JaneHuggies and The Bump, and tune in with the hashtag #MommyAnswers to participate in the discussion!

The best part? We'll be giving away freebies during the chat! Five random winners will score gift bags with Huggies Natural Care Wipes and a copy of Jane's book.

For more information for first-time moms, check out Huggies' (super helpful!) Mommy Answers tab on their Facebook page, Facebook.com/Huggies.

PHOTO: Jane Buckingham / The Bump