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Kathleen Mulpeter

Chat With Tia Mowry Tomorrow On Twitter

PUBLISHED ON 05/10/2012

Hi Bumpies,

Exciting news! Tomorrow, Friday May 11th at noon PST/3 p.m. EST, we'll be hosting a Twitter chat with celeb mom  Tia Mowry. You know Tia from TV shows like Sister Sister with her twin sister Tamera, The Game and Tia and Tamera on the STYLE Network, as well as from the movie Double Wedding and of course, from Twitter. Her new book, Oh Baby! comes out on May 15th (you can pre-order it here). Also, how adorable is that picture of Tia with her son Cree at our Bring Your Baby Matinees in LA last week?

We'll be hosting the chat on The Bump's Twitter page. To get involved in the chat, make sure you follow @thebump and @tiamowry and tune in with the hashtag #BumpChatsWithTia. We'll open up the end of the conversation to questions from her fans!

PHOTO: Photo by Monkeys & Peas Photography