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Check Out Our New Book — Just For Women Expecting Twins Or Triplets (or More!)

PUBLISHED ON 09/13/2012

Now, one in 30 babies born in the U.S. is a twin — in 1980 it was one in 53. That's a big boost! And since there are so many women out there carrying twins (or triplets or even more!), we knew they needed a pregnancy handbook created just for them. After all, mamas-to-be of multiples have different nutritional requirements, prenatal tests, baby registry lists, questions and concerns than other mamas-to-be do.

So, we created The Baby Bump, Twins and Triplets Edition just for you multiples mamas. We consulted the same experts from our first book ( The Baby Bump) plus those who specialize in multiples pregnancies and moms of twins — and we got the goods on everything from seeing two heartbeats on the ultrasound to getting twin babies on a sleep schedule (or something close to it!). And we packed it all into a colorful, informative package.

We think The Baby Bump, Twins and Triplets Edition will be your essential resource for getting through pregnancy when you're expecting more than one baby. Check it out!

Are you pregnant with twins or triplets (or more)? What has been the most surprising thing about your pregnancy so far?

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