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Chinese Astrologer Shares Predictions for Year of the Sheep Babies

PUBLISHED ON 02/19/2015

Happy Chinese New Year! As we enter the Year of the Sheep (or goat, or ram; they're used interchangeably, and the Chinese character denotes a goat or a sheep), you might have high hopes for baby's sleep schedule. After all, counting sheep is the ticket to a good night's sleep, right? Regardless of how nursery-friendly this year's animal is, baby's astrological fate hangs in the balance. We talked to Chinese Astrologer Shelly Wu, a teacher at the International Academy of Astrology , to find out what's in store for babies born this year.

"Parents of little ones born into goat years need to stock up on art supplies, pencils and paper, as they may have a little Michelangelo or Mark Twain on their hands," says Wu, indicating we can expect some creative babies. Want to help them along? This classic toys roundup features the crayons, blocks and musical instruments perfect for inspiring some infant creativity.

"Those born into goat years are also known as the good Samaritans of the eastern zodiac due to their tender heart for animals and other vulnerables," she adds. "Goat children need a very unstructured educational style for their sensitive, creative nature." First thing's first; start by choosing the right daycare for baby.

Were you born in the Year of the Goat? Tell us how these predictions stack up!

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