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Company Asks Female Employees to Schedule Their Pregnancies (No Joke)

PUBLISHED ON 07/07/2015

Unsurprisingly, since this is The Bump, after all, it seems like everyone in our office is pregnant. And luckily, that's totally fine. That's not the case for one Chinese firm, who instructed female employees to schedule their pregnancies.

The credit union in Jiaozuo, Henan, reportedly announced the policy via email.

"Only married female workers who have worked for the company for more than one year can apply for a place on the birth planning schedule," the policy reads. "The employee must strictly stick to the birth plan once it is approved."

What if women inadvertently deviate from that schedule? Their little miracle of life will cost them their end of year bonus, a shot at promotion, and potentially result in a fine of 1000 yuan ($161).

At an attempt at justification, a (male) supervisor explained that the firm recently hired several young women and is concerned business will be negatively affected if everyone got pregnant at once.

Supposedly, this policy is still only a draft. We're hoping the media outrage it sparked will keep it from being implemented. Because while we have our own complaints about being pregnant work, career jeopardization definitely ins't one of them.

(via  Business Insider)