Let Chrissy Teigen Have Her Date Night: an Open Letter to the Internet

We have much more pressing new-mom issues to worry about.
ByJessica Shortall
Contributing Writer
Apr 2016
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In Irony of the Week news, model and entrepreneur Chrissy Teigen just had an adorable baby and the internet is mad at her for going on a date with her husband “too soon” after the baby’s birth. A hilarious friend and colleague, Laura Broussard, sent me a note that pretty much nailed everything that is ridiculous about this. I just had to share it with you all:

“America: Where we shred you for going on a two-hour dinner date a week postpartum but give zero sh*ts if you have to go back to work 40 hours a week at one week postpartum.”

Oh, snap! Laura just put you in time-out, America. Go think about what you’ve done and you can come out of your room when you’ve decided to make better choices.

She then went on:

“But dammit! A healthy 9 day old is sleeping a lot. If my best friend calls and says, ‘Let’s go get calzones before you start trying to lose the baby weight,’ when I’m a week postpartum, Imma be like, ‘Hold up, let me find my dry shampoo…ok, let’s go get calzones.’ You know? Perspective. It’s not hurting her, her baby, or any bonding opportunity for her to head out for a couple hours for dinner.”

OMG. Calzones. She’s right…I need a calzone ASAP. You guys wanna go get calzones?

This is the craziness of America in 2016. The internet is a powerful tool, but sometimes it makes us focus on entirely the wrong thing. Yep, there’s a picture of Chrissy out on a date with her husband, so I guess it’s an easy target. The photos we don’t tend to see are those of the waitress, back on her feet eight days after giving birth. She’s wearing Depends and leaking breastmilk through her shirt. She’s exhausted and her hormones are legitimately off-kilter. She’s at higher risk of postpartum depression and anxiety and her brand-new baby with a brand-new immune system is in daycare instead of with his mom. The baby’s dad has taken extra shifts because the mom’s single week off work was unpaid and they have a pile of bills to pay, so he doesn’t get to see his baby much at all, much less give his wife the physical and emotional support she needs. This family is statistically more likely to go on food stamps in the first year of the baby’s life because they didn’t have any paid leave.

We don’t see this, so we don’t talk about it. Instead, we’re all, “SAVE CHRISSY TEIGEN’S BABY.”

It’s time to refocus the conversation. Because as my friend Laura says, in the understatement of the century, “Date night isn’t on the same scale as returning to work full-time.

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