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Chrissy Teigen Needs to Know: Is This Pregnancy Symptom Normal?

"I can handle the truth...just tell me."
PUBLISHED ON 11/27/2017

The moment Chrissy Teigen announced her pregnancy on Instagram last week, we knew we'd better be ready for a candid chronicling of the next few months. And already, we have not been disappointed. She's worried about weight gain, and she's asking for our help.

Okay, technically she's asking for help from all of Twitter. But the question is of the variety we get every single day: "Is this normal?"

"Can someone just be honest with me and tell me if it's normal to get bigger, faster with second baby?" Teigen tweets. "Because I am getting big, fast, and everyone's go-to is 'It's that second baby!' But they're lying. I know it. I can handle the truth, just tell me. It's not normal is it."

Actually, it is normal. While this isn't the case for every single pregnancy, many women experience symptoms stronger, and sooner, with baby no. 2. But don't take our word for it; take Twitter's!

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