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Combat Pregnancy Cravings With Cookie Dough

PUBLISHED ON 05/03/2015

Pregnancy cravings are ruthless: they come at you fast and you've gotta have it now. A classic craving? Cookie dough.

Because you Bumpies deserve the best, we selflessly took it upon ourselves to try two safe-to-eat brands, but we're leaving it up to you to judge which one's better.


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A husband and wife team enrolled in all the USC entrepreneurial classes they could to bring a safe, ready-to-eat dough to the market. The result? Nine delicious preservative-free, completely egg-free flavors, including creative concoctions like Stuck on You PB&J and S'More Please.

This doughy goodness is not meant to be baked. Starting at $8, each container can be shipped anywhere in the continental US. There's a minimum of two containers per order.

Cookie DŌ NYC

Photo: DO

This preservative-free, made-to-order dough comes in 20 different flavor combinations, from Signature Chocolate Chip to Spring Cake Batter. Rather than using eggs, DŌ uses a pasteurized egg substitute, eliminating any risk of salmonella. But this inclusion of an egg ingredient means you can bake DŌ. (But good luck waiting that long to eat it!)

Need a vegan or gluten-free batch? Just specify while ordering.

DŌ doesn't have a storefront just yet, but there's three pick-up locations in New York City (Herald Square, 59th & Park or 2nd Ave & 40th Street), and it can be shipped just about anywhere. Choose from 16 oz. or 32 oz. counters, starting from $14 and $24 each.