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Confession! I Peed Myself During Pregnancy. Is That Normal?

PUBLISHED ON 09/11/2012

Since this is my first post over here at The Bump Blog, I thought I'd introduce myself before I throw you into my fun habit of completely oversharing. I'm Jayne, a mother (of one sweet toddler boy and one baby girl due in December) and speech language pathologist by trade. I blog over at TheNaptownOrganizer about parenting, babies, fashion, a crunchy/green lifestyle, pregnancy, and all of the fun stuff going on in my life right about now.( If you like what you see here, feel free to head on over and check out more!) Now onto the fun part.

So, peeing your pants.

Have you done it? Raise your hand if so.

Yep, me too.

Most notably, during my first pregnancy, my husband and I were at a friend's house watching a football game when I sneezed, and inevitably peed myself. At the time, I was ridiculously embarrassed and told my husband I didn't feel well and we had to immediately leave. I completely confused and worried him and by the time we got out to the car, he was asking me if we needed to go to the hospital. I had to 'fess up at that point and tell him that I needed to change my pants, not have the baby.

But is this normal?

The American Physical Therapy Association (or APTA) states that stress incontinence or losing control of your bladder can be a result of pregnancy and childbirth, "which can put stress or pressure on the bladder and possibly cause trauma to the pelvic-floor muscles." They also mention that stress incontinence can be caused by having an episiotomy during labor as well.

Well, great. Add that to the fun list of things pregnancy does to your body!

There is good news, though. Incontinence is treatable. During pregnancy, doing Kegel exercises can help strengthen the sphincter muscles and get things back under control down there. Continuing to have difficulty with incontinence after the initial postpartum recovery period may warrant a call to your doctor and a visit to a physical therapist. By taking some therapy sessions, a therapist can treat specific problems and help you to steer clear of those Poise pads and get you back to jumping on your trampolines.

Thankfully, instances of peeing my pants ended after my son was born. However, they have returned as my baby-girl-to-be has somewhat of a penchant for kicking my bladder lately. Let's just hope with enough Kegels and some time after delivery, I'll be back to normal again — again!

Because, as per the movie Billy Madison, "If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis."

Have you had trouble with incontinence during or after pregnancy? What did you do about it?