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​New Ad Campaign for Breastfeeding Moms Takes One Step Too Far

PUBLISHED ON 09/18/2015

This ad campaign has certainly got people talking.

Intended to encourage nursing moms to eat nutritiously, the Brazilian  Pediatric Society of Rio Grande (SPRS) incorporated body art into its ads. Three different mothers have junk food painted onto their breasts, implying that the infant is consuming the burger, soda or donut.

“Your child is what you eat,” the text reads. "Your habits in the first thousand days of gestation, can prevent your child from developing serious diseases.”



The problem with this is twofold.

First, La Leche League International’s Diana West tells Yahoo Parenting, it's discouraging.

“It promotes the idea that you have to have a perfect diet to breastfeed," she says. "If women think that their milk isn’t ‘good enough,’ they won’t bother breastfeeding at all. It’ll also make them worry that they’re not ‘perfect’ moms. Shaming like this is horrifying.”

Second, it's not accurate.

Straight from the American Academy of Pediatrics: “The mammary glands that produce your milk are able to provide your baby with highly nutritious milk even if your diet isn’t perfect every day. The mammary glands and milk-producing cells also help regulate how much of what you eat and drink actually reaches your baby through your milk."

Of course, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to maintain a healthy diet. Try to avoid things like alcohol, caffeine, and even peppermint while nursing.

PHOTO: Pediatric Society of Rio Grande