Trendy Humidifiers to Keep the Flu At Bay

ByAnisa Arsenault
Associate Editor
Jan 2015
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Photo: The Nest

We’re pretty vested in your flu prevention (and baby’s!) this winter. So first thing’s first — if you didn’t see this post from Dr. Altmann, give it a read. Another thing you can do to reduce your chances of getting sick? Invest in a good humidifier. Sounds boring, we know, so we turned to The Nest for some help. While any of these seven options are perfect for the nursery, they’re also sleek enough for any room in your house.


SHOP NOW: 1. Wood grain humidifier, $112, PRISMATE,; 2. PlusMinusZero humidifier, $201, Naoto Fukasawa,; 3. Hinoki Cypress eco humidifier, $67, Nihonichiban,; 4. V4600 filter free humidifier, $70,; 5. Tabletop Ultrasonic humidifier, $50, Black & Decker,; 6. FRED humidifier, $130, Stradler Form,; 7. Small Ultrasonic Hybrid humidifier, $150, Broksonic,


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Anisa Arsenault
Associate Editor