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Couple Uses Kim and Kanye’s ‘Vogue’ Cover as a Hilarous Pregnancy Announcement

PUBLISHED ON 03/25/2014

It was only a matter of time before people other than James Franco and Seth Rogen parodied Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Vogue cover — but who would have thought it would have been the perfect basis for a pregnancy announcement? NYC couple Maggie and Gennady Borukhovich, an administrative professional and the co-founder of FarFaria, respectfully, put Kanye's arms around Kim's stomach to good use.

They Photoshopped their own version of the magazine cover to announce their baby news in a new and hilarious way using a picture from their 2011 nuptials. With Maggie in her wedding dress, Gennady is holding her from behind with his hands on her stomach with a photo of their sonogram below them.

Their cover lines range from the funny to the true, like, "Fall Baby 2014: Cuddly, Active, Adorable" and "And For Mom: Flats With Everything." They also added the hashtag "#WorldsMostHashtaggedBaby." Looks like North West has some serious competition!

Photo: Gennady Borukhovich

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PHOTO: Gennady Borukhovich