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Watch Couples Without Kids React to Childbirth Videos

From an outsider's perspective, is birth really beautiful?
PUBLISHED ON 02/25/2016

Witnessing the miracle of life can be a shocking experience, especially if you’ve never seen it before. For the couples in the video below, that experience is amplified as they watch videos of home births, c-sections and unmedicated births—all with the mom from each video sitting next to them.

The video by Buzzfeed begins with the couples discussing their feelings towards pregnancy and childbirth, mostly with an attitude of uncertainty. One dad-to-be explains it best: “I think watching it will finally get me mentally ready because, you know, I’ve been imagining it, but I don’t know how it’s actually going to look, you know...spread open.”

No need to imagine any more! These couples see it all. They go through every emotion from amazement (“look how big your vagina is!”), to horror and finally appreciation as each mom narrates her birth experience.

Despite all the differences between the recorded births, whether they take place in a hospital bed or in a bathtub at home, all of the birth mothers share a look of happiness on their faces as they watch their babies come into the world for the very first time. Check it out below.

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