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Cute Baby Of The Day: Cooper Teaches Us How To Do A Push Up!

PUBLISHED ON 02/14/2013

If there is anything cuter than a guy who works out, it's definitely got to be a baby who gets buff! Our very own Lori Richmond gave us this adorable (adorable!!!!) photo of her baby boy, Cooper, doing push ups. But that's not all — if you look closely, he's doing them on ONE — just one — TOE!

You guys, I am a full-blown adult and I can't even graduate from the ladies push up position. If this little guy is capable of one-toed push ups at 33 weeks old, it's pretty safe that the future of America is in good (strong) hands! (It is also safe to say that I am very weak, but let's not even go there.)

Common, Coop! How about 20 more?!

Are you amazed or what?!

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PHOTO: Photo Courtesy of Matthew Richmond / The Bump