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Dad Commercials Steal Super Bowl Spotlight

PUBLISHED ON 02/02/2015

Last night's Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl face off was a nail-biter, an adrenaline rush, a down-to-the-wire game. But the commercials? For the most part, those were pretty sobering. But the upside? Amid the ads about overcoming adversity (Toyota, Microsoft) and domestic violence PSAs, one theme dominated the evening: fatherhood. So much so that AdAge deemed it the " Daddy Bowl."

We saw Nissan follow a race car driver through the years as he struggles balancing life on the road (literally) with family time.

Toyota showed us a teary-eyed dad bring his military-bound daughter to the airport.

And once again, Dove gave us goosebumps with their Men+Care ad.

Seems like brands are catching on that gender stereotypes about dads and their role in their children's lives simply don't reflect what's happening in 2015. AdAge says the media is re-making the image of masculinity, especially in light of Pew Reports that fathers are taking a more active role in caring for kids and helping around the house as more women remain in the workforce.

The Dove Real Strength campaign released a study on Jan. 20 that 9 out of 10 men see their caring side as a strength, but only 7 percent of men can relate to the media's depiction of masculinity. And this year's Super Bowl ads are definitely looking to change that, appealing to the more sensitive side of their male demographic.

The question is whether this type of dad-appeal is a fleeting trend or a new media movement. Only time will tell. Get the tissue boxes ready just in case.

PHOTO: Nissan via YouTube