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This Dad Found the Picture-Perfect Way to Support His Breastfeeding Wife

Do we file this under #RelationshipGoals or #BreastfeedingGoals?
PUBLISHED ON 10/20/2017

We hear this question from dads all the time: "How can I support my partner while she's breastfeeding?" Well, one dad won't just tell you—he'll show you. Because, after all, a leaky boob isn't something moms have to experience in isolation.

Meet Cee. When his wife, Chris, began to lactate through her sweatshirt while the couple was running errands, Cee immediately wet down the right breast of his own shirt in solidarity.

Chris posted a photo of their matching leaks on Instagram, where it's quickly gone viral.

Based on Chris's caption, we know Cee wasn't always this supportive. In fact, she explains that with her first son, a lack of support caused her to give up on breastfeeding altogether.

"When I had my son I couldn't breastfeed more than four months," she says. "I was extremely insecure to nurse in public. I felt very alone and didn't have much of his support as he was going through is own struggles in life."

Fastforward three years and another baby later, and Cee is a changed man.

"The second time around, with my daughter, I made sure when I was pregnant with her to communicate to my spouse that I really needed him this time," Chris says. "I needed his support and encouragement and for him not to let me give up when I wanted to. He didn't realize how much I needed his support until I actually opened my mouth and expressed it to him and boy, has he come through. There have definitely been a few times where I was ready to give up and he didn't let me."

Support, encouragement and advice make a world of difference for breastfeeding moms, and not everyone is lucky enough to have a partner who can help. Know that resources are available to you, like La Leche League meetings to tips from other moms on our boards. And for a very quick primer, check out our 12 ways to make breastfeeding easier.

PHOTO: @Boobelife via Instagram