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Dads Take Photos Of Themselves ‘Breastfeeding’ To Show Their Support

PUBLISHED ON 03/06/2014

If you've ever wondered if any men know how much of a mental, emotional and physical act breastfeeding is, the answer is yes. Hector Cruz, who was very concerned about his wife Nicole last year when she struggled with breastfeeding their newborn daughter and hired a lactation consultant to help, quickly realized that most of the information given was targeted to women and mothers and was inspired to raise awareness about breastfeeding among other dads.

Hector, a professional photographer, asked other fathers if they would pose for photos as if they were breastfeeding their children. His goal is to sell the photos to raise enough money to promote the images on billboards in his town of Clarksville, Tenn.

Now, lots of men across the county are volunteering to be photographed for Project: BreastFeeding, since some of their wives struggled with breastfeeding as well, or just know how much of an effort it is. 

“[There are] a lot of dads who are excited to see the project," Hector states. "A lot of the guys who are pro- breast-feeding feel like they have a voice. The pictures just allowed the conversation to start.”

He also has plans to start a nonprofit that will educate dads about breastfeeding. Genius! We love this idea and Hector's support for moms everywhere.

Do you love Project: BreastFeeding's initiative?

PHOTO: Project: Breastfeeding by Hector Cruz Photography