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Daphne Oz’s Baby Girl’s Name Has Old-World Style — And A Foodie Nickname

PUBLISHED ON 03/05/2014

We were thrilled when Daphne Oz delivered a healthy baby girl on Thursday, so when she announced her baby daughter's name yesterday, it was frosting on the cake — but it's really, really awesome frosting. Dr. Oz's oldest daughter and host of_ The Chew _appeared on the show via Skype to inform the audience that she and her husband John Jovanovic decided to name their baby girl  Philomena Bijou Jovanovic.  For short, Philomena's nickanmes are "Philo" and "PBJ."

Philomena and Bijou's old-world and vintage vibes are completely gorgeous, and we love her "PBJ" moniker that's literally sweet enough to eat. When Philomena is old enough to properly eat a sandwich, we can't wait to find out if she's more of a peanut butter or a jelly girl — and if she prefers the classic snack with bananas or marshmallow fluff.

What do you think of PBJ as a nickname?

PHOTO: CelebrityBabyScoop