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All Signs Point to Pregnancy: Deaf Husband Gets Big Surprise

PUBLISHED ON 12/30/2015

Brittany Welch didn't waste any time figuring out how to surprise her husband with the big news once she found out she was pregnant. After getting a positive read that day, she wrapped the pregnancy test in tissue paper, making her husband, David, dig through a bag of goodies to get to it.


David, who is deaf, signs his frustration about all the tissue paper. The first thing he unwraps? Nothing too exciting if he has no baby suspicions, just a Baby Ruth bar.


After more tissue paper, a bottled beverage (our guess is ginger ale, a tried-and-true nausea reducer), David strikes gold.


His emotional reaction makes this video—which was actually filmed in October, but just shared publicly this week–worth watching. Cue the disbelief and happy tears:


Watch the full reveal and reaction here. Think your pregnancy reveal one-ups Brittany's? Let us know!

PHOTO: YouTube