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Decorated Olympic Gymnast Announces She’s Pregnant After Battling Ovarian Cancer

PUBLISHED ON 01/17/2013

Olympic champion gymnast Shannon Miller just scored the perfect 10.

The mom to 3-year-old son Rocco (and most decorated gymnast in U.S. history with seven Olympic medals!) announced she and her husband will be expecting their second child this summer!

This will be the first child for Miller since she was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer two years ago. Since discovering the cancer cells, Miller had surgery in 2011 followed by nine weeks of chemotherapy.

Speaking candidly about her second pregnancy, she says, "I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to do some amazing things in my life, but being a mom is second to none."

We are so excited for mom, dad, and soon-to-be big brother Rocco! Here's hoping Shannon's baby to be shares some of mom's gymnast skill!

PHOTO: People / The Bump