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profile picture of Anisa Arsenault
Anisa Arsenault
Assistant Editor

Diaper Vending Machines — Would You Use Them?

PUBLISHED ON 05/20/2014

Even the most prepared new parents have been there: the diaper bag is full of everything except... um, the diapers. And you're in the middle of an airport or a shopping mall.

Enter WeGoBabies, a new business that wants to bring vending machines full of diapers, wipes, formula, snacks, and toys to public spaces.

“WeGoBabies provides family solutions to keep your day going smoothly in airports, zoos, museums, theme parks, cruises, and malls,” the founders say on their Kickstarter page. “Our Machines encourage families to enjoy more time at children’s venues instead of having to leave because of a missing necessity.”

Wondering what the convenience of this nearby necessity will cost you? WeGo promises not to take advantage of your desperation.

“The WeGo pledge is to keep pricing of our items in line with what you would expect to pay for a single use or travel item. We are not going to gouge just because you are stuck between a pooh and a screaming child.”

Well said.

What do you think: Would you use a diaper vending machine?