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Did Kate Middleton Reveal The Sex Of The Royal Baby-to-Be?

PUBLISHED ON 03/06/2013

The media's abuzz because Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge may have let it slip that the next heir to the English throne is a ... wait for it... girl!

On Tuesday, Kate was visiting Grimsby, England, when a woman in the crowd handed her a teddy bear. "Oh, this is for our d..." said Kate. "That's very sweet of you."

Another woman, who's been identified as Sandra Cook, 67,  asked, "'Did you say daughter?" and the Duchess replied. "No, no, no. We don't know."

See the video for yourself — what do you think she said?

Me, I'm not sure I'm convinced, but I would love to see a princess welcomed into the royal family.

Did you find out the sex of your baby before the birth? Did you tell everyone, or keep it a secret?

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