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5 Strangers Come Together for Disney Princess Maternity Shoot

Proof that pregnancy is magical.
PUBLISHED ON 05/01/2017

Wondering why five complete strangers agreed to meet up for a maternity shoot? We’re attributing it to faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust.

Husband and wife photography team Victor and Marie Luna were the brains behind a recent Disney princess maternity shoot in Bellville, Texas. Initially, they envisioned doing a Beauty and the Beast-themed shoot in honor of the new film. But the more they thought about it, the more they wanted to do something even bigger and better. They decided to reach out to former clients to do a whole Disney-centric shoot at Newman’s Castle in Bellville, Texas.

“All of these beautiful ladies were actually previous clients of ours within the past month,” the Lunas tell The Bump. “When we started throwing ideas around, we were looking back on our work and found all of the mommies that we had worked with resembled the actual princesses.”

They matched moms-to-be with the characters of Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine and Tiana. And with the help of Sew Trendy Accessories, who made the maternity gowns, the transformation to princess was complete.

While it sounds magically easy, and while the photographers say the whole thing felt “meant to be,” they add that such an elaborate shoot took a lot of preparation, “from booking the castle to hosting a model call—which more than 80 gals signed up for—to ordering the gowns and hoping they would make it in time [they placed the order only two weeks before the shoot].”

The only hiccup? Because of traffic, the team arrived 45 minutes into their scheduled session at the castle. Maybe a magic carpet would’ve helped them out.

Photo: Vic & Marie Photography
Photo: Vic & Marie Photography
Photo: Vic & Marie Photography
Photo: Vic & Marie Photography
Photo: Vic & Marie Photography
PHOTO: Vic & Marie Photography