DIY Halloween Costumes for Babies, Toddlers And Kids

Halloween is just two weeks away, and you haven't figured out your kid's Halloween costume yet, don't stress! We've got some simple, costume ideas that you can make (quickly!) yourself — yes, even if you don’t have a crafty bone in your body.
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Feb 2017
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Kids' Lego costumes

What kid wouldn't love to dress like their favorite toy — Lego's!

How to make it:

· Find a cardboard box and cut off the bottom flaps with a utility knife. Tape down the top flaps.

· To create head and arm holes, trace a dinner plate on the top of the box and saucers on each of the box's sides, and cut out with the utility knife.

· Using hot glue, affix eight round 2" x 4"diameter craft boxes in two vertical rows along the front.

· Once the glue has dried, spray-paint the entire piece glossy red or blue. If necessary, coat multiple times for a brighter color, then let dry.

· Have your child wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants to match the color of the Lego.

· This costume will cost you about $13 for the spray paint and craft boxes.


Kid's Heisman Trophy costume

Take a football uniform to the next level with this Heisman-Trophy-inspired get-up.

How to make it:

· All you need is an old pair of sneakers, sweat shirt, sweat pants, vintage helmet and a football. · Spraypaint all those items gold and paint your child’s face with gold face paint.

· Have him make the signature Heisman Trophy pose and he’s all set!

· Total cost for this costume is about $20 for the spray paint, face paint and the vintage helmet — pick on up at a Halloween costume store.


Kid's cupcake costume

Isn't this cupcake costume sweet?

How to make it:

· This costume takes a little bit of time to create, but — good news — there's no sewing necessary!

· To make the frosting, cut two layers of pink felt with scalloped edges and glue assorted colored pom poms on the felt as sprinkles

· Cut a hole in the middle for your toddler’s head and hot-glue ruffled fabric around the neckline

· To make the cupcake wrapper, fold poster board accordion style, wrap around you toddler’s body and hot glue the ends to make a jumper, and hot-glue the ruffled fabric to make straps.

· To top if off, we gave little Mackenzie a headband with pom pom sprinkles glued on — yum!

· This costume will cost about $12 for the felt, pom poms, poster board, ruffled fabric and headband.


Baby lobster costume

This little lobster looks good enough to eat!

How to make it:

• Grab a red hoodie and matching red pants.

• Cut out claws using red felt and glue them to the arms of the hoodie.

• Then, for our favorite part, glue some googly eyes onto Styrofoam balls. Stick red pipe cleaner on the top of the balls for antennas and then glue the eyes to the top of the hood. (Warning: If your child is under three years old, make sure the Styrofoam balls are bigger than the opening of a toilet paper roll and draw black circles on the balls instead of using googly eyes to eliminate choking hazards.)

• Extra points if your baby lets you carry her in a lobster pot!


Baby "Chicken Little" costume

This Chicken Little costume looks elaborate, but it's super easy to make!

How to make it:

· Grab a yellow hoodie and matching yellow pants or dye a white outfit with yellow dye.

· Take some yellow feathers and glue them to the arms of the hoodie, around the ankles, on the belly and the hood.

· Then for the adorable feet, stuff some rubber gloves with cotton and slip your baby’s feet in, securing at the ankle with a rubber band and tucking the excess under the pants!

· This costume will cost you about $8 for the feathers, rubber gloves and stuffing.

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