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Do You Agree With Alicia Silverstone’s Controversial Parenting Techniques?

PUBLISHED ON 04/28/2014

Alicia Silverstone , mama to almost three-year-old Bear Blu , is no stranger to raising other mom's eyebrows with her milk share program and pre-chewing her son's food for him. Now, her new fertility, pregnancy and parenting book, The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth, and a Healthier, More Beautiful Beginning (that's a mouthful, huh?), is making headlines again for endorsing unconventional parenting methods.

However, maybe it's not exactly what she's saying that's creating controversy, but the way she's saying it that may make her advice unrelatable for single-parent families and working parents on a budget.

For example, Alicia suggests "hiring a cleaning service" if you choose to lie-in after birth, which is resting for 40 days after giving birth. "And it can be beyond valuable to bring in someone to prepare meals. It doesn't have to be super-fancy to be a private chef, just someone who maybe likes to cook for fun and will follow recipes from this book."

When it comes to breastfeeding, she also states: "Breast milk is the purest expression of a mama's love for her baby... We have our boobies for a reason — it's to feed our children!"

Moms who can't breastfeed or have difficulty doing so may not be able to share the joy of the chapter, much like women undergoing IVF or other fertility treatments. In another chapter, Alicia states that getting pregnant may be this easy: "Eat well, get healthy, then ditch all the planning and trying and just let it flow. There’s no better way to make a baby than with yummy, soulful sex!”

While many women are vegan, she also writes that "meat, dairy, and processed foods” shouldn't be eaten during pregnancy, because they are “tracking toxic sludge through your baby house.” However, eggs, lean meat and yogurt do pack plenty of nutrients to keep you healthy during pregnancy.

And for all moms that are fans of the Elimination Communication method (diaper-free from birth!), Alicia endorses that as well, saying that by paying close attention to your baby's body rhythms and cues, you can potty train easier and earlier. However, some doctors say that the method leaves room for more constipation and UTIs.

Do you use any of Alicia's parenting techniques? Why or why not?

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