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This Is What It Looks Like to Run an ER While Holding a Sleeping Baby

Babies are pros at teaching us how to multitask.
PUBLISHED ON 05/04/2018

Infants make one thing clear from day one: They’re not about to adapt to your needs or schedule. So when one sick mom came to New Zealand’s Waikato Hospital requiring some tests, her infant son seemed to decide that was the perfect time to be extra fussy.

While several hospital employees tried to settle the baby, only the emergency department consultant, Dr. Muir Wallace, had the magic touch. The baby boy fell asleep on his shoulder—and stayed there while Dr. Wallace ran the ER.

With the permission of the child’s mother, an adorable snapshot of Dr. Wallace and his new pal was shared on Facebook by clinical nurse specialist Mike Haden-Jones.

“So for about an hour the other day our consultant in charge (of the entire ED) was most definitely multi-tasking,” Haden-Jones writes in the caption. “Just an example of the small kindnesses that happen everyday that often go unnoticed.”

More than anything, this photo is a reminder that parenting takes a village. Stepping up to help a parent in need is rarely convenient, but it’s appreciated more than you know.