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Doctors Deliver Biggest Baby Of The Year: How Much Does He Weigh?

PUBLISHED ON 10/31/2013

In Orem, Utah, doctors delivered what could be the biggest baby born in 2013. Joel Brandon Jr., (affectionately nicknamed J.J.) , was born via c-section, weighing in at exactly 14 pounds.

At her last ultrasound, baby boy was just over 11 pounds. "When he came out and they put him on the scale and it said 14 pounds even, I was very shocked, to say the least," his mama, Sara Brandon, said.

At 38.5 weeks pregnant, it was time to get J.J. out and doctors were mostly concerned on getting him out safely — and keeping mom healthy. "Since they knew he was going to be a big baby," Sara said, "I had two doctors delivering him instead of just one. They said that they had to use some maneuvering for shoulder dystocia that they normally only use in vaginal births — in other words, he was so big and crammed in there that they had a hard time getting it out."

He was "blue and floppy" after delivery and also suffered respiratory problems due to his size. J.J. spent a week a half in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. But now, J.J.'s as pink, puffy and cuddly as ever.

"He's super healthy and happy now, he's just a really big guy," his mama proudly said. And at his last checkup (he's four months old), J.J.'s doctors told Sara that he weighs 23 pounds and is in the 150 percentile for height and weight. J.J.'s also wearing the same size diapers as his two-year-old identical twin sisters. (Which makes diaper shopping easier for mama, don't you think?)

See how sweet J.J. looks with his big sisters:

Photo: PopSugar

"This big bubba melts my heart," said Sara — and you can't disagree with that. No matter baby's shape or size, there's just about nothing that can change how perfect he (or she!) will be in mom and dad's eyes. "I love him more than I ever imagined I could love a sweet baby boy. He is my squishy cuddle bug."

"We’ve kind of been watching and waiting to see if there is a baby who is bigger, because he might be the biggest of the year," Sara said. He might be the biggest of the year, but he's also the biggest in the hearts of those that love him.

While J.J's birth is definitely surprising, it isn't altogether shocking: Bigger babies have been on an upswing in the US over the past three decades; there’s been a 15 percent to 25 percent increase in babies weighing 8 pounds, 13 ounces or more in developed countries. The report on weight, featured in the medical journal The Lancet, also noted that the developing world is even starting to see an increase in bigger babies. They found that 15 percent of babies born in Algeria were born at more than 8 pound, 13 ounces. In places like China, 13.8 percent of babies were born big.

How much did your baby weigh at birth?

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