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Don't Ask This Mom About Her Twins, Okay?

She's heard it all before.
PUBLISHED ON 07/14/2015

Like it or not, twins are basically always a conversation starter. As for adorable twin babies Delphi and Cheska, snuggled under a pink blanket in a double stroller? Even more so — and their mom knows it.

Australian blogger and mom  Annie Nolan took to Instagram to share a bunch of preemptive answers to the inevitable questions she gets from strangers. Her little daughters happily hold signs that state the obvious and matter-of-fact ("yes, they are twins... yes, I'm sure they aren't identical"), but also give some sassier answers. Our personal favorite: "Yes, my hands are full. (Sometimes with 2 glasses of wine just to get through.)"

Even though Nolan admitted in her Instagram caption that she "chickened out" and took the signs away in public, the photo created a huge stir. Lots of moms loved it, seeing the photo as a lighthearted joke about the paparazzi-like attention that twin babies attract. Others weren't so appreciative, telling Nolan to "get over herself."

The proud mom has since explained on her Facebook that the photo was simply staged for a laugh, and has taken her criticisms in stride. Wondering how she could possibly top the photo that started it all? Well, this comes pretty close.