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profile picture of Anisa Arsenault
Anisa Arsenault
Assistant Editor

Drew Brees Welcomes First Baby Girl

PUBLISHED ON 08/28/2014

Who dat? It's the first baby girl for New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and wife Brittany.

The couple welcomed the 7 pound, 7 ounce baby — who has yet to be named — on Monday night. They're already parents to three boys: Baylen, 5, Bowen, 3, and Callen, 2. While the trio reportedly wanted a sister, Brees joked that Callen probably won't be happy to have mom's attention diverted to a new baby.

"Brit and her are healthy, happy, everybody's doing great," Brees said to reporters after training camp. "It just melted my heart to watch her born last night. Actually, got to take the snap, so to speak, and catch her on the way out, so that's a memory I'll have forever."

Will this be it for the Brees family? "Four's a good number, I think," he said. "Brit was looking at me in that delivery room last night like, 'Hey, this is the last one, buddy.'"

Brees also credited the city for its outpouring of affection towards his family. "It just goes to show that the relationship between us and the fans it goes well beyond the playing field and what we do in the (Mercedes-Benz) Superdome every Sunday, which I'd say that's most unique across all professional sports. I don't know if it's like that any other place."

What should they name the baby girl?

PHOTO: Drew Brees via Twitter