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Another Baby On The Way For The Duggar Family!

PUBLISHED ON 03/11/2013

And baby makes how many?

If you were absolutely positive that this post was going to be about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar expanding their brood, think again! Today, Josh and Anna Duggar spilled the expectant parent beans! In a few short months, they'll be welcoming another baby Duggar to their growing bunch — and baby girl (or boy!) will join big sister Mackynzie, 3, and big brother Michael, 21 months.

But the biggest question we all have is will they shoot for another 'M' name? Not surprisingly, mom and dad are mum on baby's name — and gender! Anna and Josh know what they're having but prefer not to tell. As far as a name goes, Josh says "We've been throwing around name ideas and we are pretty certain we have it down to two. We will have to see."

Typical Hollywood, makin' us wait! Ugh!

In 2010, Josh and Anna suffered a miscarriage and less than a year later, his parents suffered the same loss. Mama Duggar, Michelle, miscarried what would have been Baby Duggar #20, a baby girl they'd planned to name Jubilee.

Speaking candidly about their loss and thinking ahead to their future, Anna says that the family of four has "learned to cherish each day. Jubilee has affected our lives, and every child is so special regardless of how long their life is."

And there's no denying that their baby-to-be will touch their hearts as well!

Congratulations to Josh, Anna, big siblings Mackynzie and Michael and the rest of the Duggar clan!

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