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Eight-Year-Old Helps Deliver Baby Brother

PUBLISHED ON 06/06/2014

Midwives aren't usually eight years old, but a South Tampa native jumped right into the role when her mom unexpectedly went into labor at home.

Jazmine McEnaney followed the step-by-step instructions of a 911 dispatcher when it became clear her baby brother was not waiting for the arrival of paramedics to come out. Part of those instructions involved supporting the baby's head during delivery.

"Even though she [the dispatcher] was telling her what to do, that's a lot for an 8-year-old," said mother Krystle Garcia. Though extremely proud of her daughter, Garcia also credited the successful delivery to the dispatcher's calmness.

After eight minutes, paramedics arrived, and finished the quick delivery of baby Joseph James Snyder. Jazmine wouldn't leave the side of Joseph or her mother. She's quickly proving herself as a top-notch big sister. Plus, supplying the gift of life is pretty good leverage to have over your little brother.

Did your labor go as planned?

PHOTO: Tampa Bay Times