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Election Inspired Baby Names

PUBLISHED ON 11/06/2012

It's election day, and for some moms-to-be, choosing a candidate isn't the only decision on their mind. There are baby names to think of! Try some of these picks inspired by past US presidents and first ladies.

George Nothing beats the original! As the first president of the United States, George Washington led the country to victory during the Revolutionary War and allowed us to gain independence from Great Britain. While he sets a high bar, we're sure your son can surpass it.

Dolley This first lady made it into the White House before her husband, serving as Thomas Jefferson's White House Hostess after his wife passed away.  In addition to throwing the best parties, Dolley Madison is responsible for saving many national treasures from the White House before it was burnt down in the War of 1812. Sounds like a brave woman for your daughter to live up to!

Ronald Not many presidents, if any, have actor listed on their resume. Prior to leading the United States, Ronald Reagan starred in several movies including Kings Row, The Hasty Heart and Hellcats of the Navy.  Hopefully your son will have this many talents.

Eleanor Many consider Eleanor Roosevelt the most inspiring and influential first lady. She was one of the first to use her title as a way to advocate for causes she cared about. As someone who believed in education and equal opportunity for all, she strongly supported civil rights and women's rights, even after her term as first lady.

Franklin It may not be the most common name on our list, but you can't deny the impact Franklin D. Roosevelt had on our country. During a devastating  time of economic depression and a world war, Roosevelt managed to raise spirits and hope throughout the nation. Who wouldn't want to be the namesake of an optimist?

Betty Or Elizabeth, if you're more formal. As a leader of the Women's Movement, Gerald Ford's wife Betty fought for equal pay and equal rights between the sexes. She was also a strong advocate for breast cancer awareness, having battled the disease and undergone a mastectomy. We hope your girl is just as strong as Ms. Ford.

Bill He may not be the first choice for a role model (extramarital affairs and allegations of sexual harassment), but many Americans still love Bill Clinton. After all, he did a lot for American including passing the State Children's Health Insurance Program, which provided health coverage for millions of children. It's hard to hate a guy who helps kids.

Hillary She started out as a first lady, but Hillary Rodham Clinton has since served as United States Senator of New York (from 2001 to 2009) and ran as a Democratic Party nominee for President (and was the first woman to do so). Even though she lost, she still found her way to the White House when President Obama selected her as his Secretary of State. Now that's someone your girl can look up to.

John There was something about John F. Kennedy that made men admire him and women swoon over him. And almost 50 years after his term, which was cut short by assassination, people still love him. In a 2011 CNN Poll, JFK earned an 85 percent approval rating among Americans, earning him the title of most popular past president. We say that's a good name association.

Jacqueline Elegance. Intelligence. Style. These are only a few words to describe Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (better known as Jackie O).  While many First Ladies fade away after their husbands serve their term, Jacqueline continued contributing to the country. She worked to preserve historic landmarks and was a strong proponent for the arts. As a woman many of us admire, your daughter would be lucky to take after her.

Which President or First Lady would you name your baby after?