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Eva Amurri Is Pregnant, Making Susan Sarandon A Soon-to-Be Grandma!

PUBLISHED ON 03/10/2014

Susan Sarandon is going to have to start baby-proofing her home, because her daughter, actress Eva Amurri , is pregnant! Eva and her soccer analyst husband of nearly three years, Kyle Martino, are expecting their first child (a girl!) and announced their happy baby news on Twitter.

"Who run the world? GIRLS! #BabyGirlMartino," Eva tweeted.

"Found out our child will never be on the @ussoccer team. But may be on the @ussoccer_wnt. #ItsAGirl!!!" Kyle  tweeted.

So sweet! Sounds like baby girl Martino will be brought up as a strong little lady — listening to Beyonce, of course. Eva told Us Weekly of her pregnancy, "Having a family has always been a priority for us both and we couldn’t be happier!"

Susan also told the outlet how excited she is to be a grandma. "I think that even when I was having a baby myself and even after I had two babies myself, that you can't even grasp the reality of it until that baby is there. So even though we're very excited and the sonograms are beautiful and we've been shopping, it's still — I don't think you actually understand until there's a human being there. So we're still in that kind of state, but we're very excited."

Do you agree with Susan that it takes awhile to grasp the reality of being pregnant?