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Famous Model Mama-to-Be Reveals Pregnancy Isn’t All That Glamorous

PUBLISHED ON 08/28/2013

Due any week now, America's Next Top Model star Lisa D'Amato  is counting down the minutes until she and her husband, Adam Friedman, meet their baby boy — and not totally for all the reasons you'd expect. Even though the model has had an "incredibly healthy" pregnancy, it hasn't been all that fun.

She's more than 8 months along, she's still suffering from morning sickness regularly and although she's well aware of the light at the end of the birth canal, it's hard to stay positive when you're feeling crappy nonstop. She told People, "I'm usually feeling pretty bad but always trying to stay positive. When people say I'm glowing, I tell them it's because someone needs to put on the AC." As for that pregnancy "glow" women are always raving about — well, D'Amato has an opinion on that, too. "That whole 'pregnancy glow' thing is a joke," she told the magazine. "There is nothing pretty about pregnancy except creating a life — other than that I think it's pretty gross."

D'Amato belongs to a small group of celebrity moms who've been vocal about their less-than-glamorous pregnancies. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kim Kardashian admitted that her pregnancy was no walk in the park; Christina Applegate told George Lopez, "I love making a person... but it's hard, they don't tell you everything. 'It's a miracle of life, you feel like a flower the whole time.' It's like, bullsh*t. You feel like a fat *ss, you are exhausted." Singer Pink said, "I thought I’d feel like a goddess. They sell you on that... like you’ll never feel more feminine. Really, I just felt like a mess... I gained 55 pounds. I think my baby may be part cheesecake," of being pregnant with her daughter, Willow. Hell, even  Kate Middleton suffered through a bout with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. So even though a revelation like Lisa's isn't exactly new news, it's still refreshing to hear.

Normally we get the canned, "Oh, I loved being pregnant!" responses from celebrities and occasionally, there's even the sensational celeb who wishes she could be pregnant forever (cough , Kate Hudson, cough), but for most of us, that isn't always the case. The hormonal changes, the bulging belly and the cravings aren't exactly every woman's cup of tea. For some it's a walk in the park, for others, it's not. Hats off to D'Amato for saying what so many moms-to-be feel. Of her baby-to-be routine, she's said, "I'm so disciplined with my quality of food and amount of food intake as well as my gym routine. But pregnancy doesn't care what I do or how I feel or think on the matter. It has a mind of its own."

So although for her the journey's been way more about the destination than the ride itself, she and her husband are still head-over-heels to be new parents. She said that they both "couldn't be more excited" about their new arrival, but that they're "scared sh*tless" about becoming first time parents. Can we give this woman an award for really telling it like it is?

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