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Bumpie Tip of the Week: Father’s Day Gift Ideas From Baby

PUBLISHED ON 06/15/2013

Happy Father's Day! Technically speaking, he isn't a "daddy"... yet. But just because that baby is still in your belly doesn't mean you can't celebrate Father's Day in a special way! Our Bumpies on the October Birth Month Board shared their ideas on what to get the daddy-to-be.

Here's what they suggest:

"I got my husband a onesie that says 'I Love Daddy' on it. It was my first baby purchase!" — hawkeyegirl*

"My husband carries around our baby's ultrasound picture so I bought a frame that you put the picture in and it has different sayings you can put under the picture.  My favorite one was 'Love at First Sight'." — mmeans1224

"I got my husband a children's book called My Daddy and Me. _He will be able to read to our son as he grows up." — _Kristenmead

"I got him a matching father and son tool belt set!" — WhitWe

"Put together a daddy hospital bag! Maybe new pajamas, shaving supplies, deodorant, a roll of quarter, snacks... things that will help him stay at the hospital. Perhaps you can include in there a daddy's brag book as well!" — orgnlmama

"I gave him a World Greatest Dad mug and a bottle of booze." — KorieAngel

"I've always called my husband 'Bear' and I found a Papa Bear t-shirt and a matching Baby Bear onesie. He also gets a present from the dogs every year and I'm still working on that one!" — mork

"My husband washed his favorite dress shirt with an ink pen last weekend so our baby-on-board is getting him a replacement for Father's Day. I had also been thinking about getting him a picture frame for his desk or putting together a daddy survival kit for when he watches our baby after birth!" — jmurac

*Some names have been changed.

Tell Us: Are you getting daddy-to-be anything this Father's Day?

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