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For Dessert Tonight: Creamy (and Festive!) Carrot Cupcakes

PUBLISHED ON 03/31/2013

As if there was a better occasion to snack on these delicious goodies! Now that the Easter Bunny has come and gone (and hopefully let behind lots of sweet treats!), you won't have to worry about anyone stealing a tasty bite of these creamy, homemade carrot cupcakes!

This is the perfect dessert to make if you're celebrating the holiday, or just hanging out with your kids! The best part? They're so easy to whip together!

The carrot cupcake center is a perfect match for a creamy, decadent and maple syrup frosting! We won't tell you if you want to lick the bowl — promise!

Ready to try 'em out? Head on over to for the carrot cupcake recipe!

PHOTO: The Nest