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For Dinner Tonight: Cozy, Guilt-Free Comfort Food

PUBLISHED ON 02/10/2013

With the snow piling high all over the east coast, all I can think about is  comfort food. Delicious, tasty, creamy and juicy comfort food. Yummy and cozy. Mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and stew — ugh, my mouth is watering just thinking about dinner.

So tonight, let's dig into to something immaculate, alright? The occasion? It's Sunday. Before heading off to work tomorrow, tonight, gather your families around the table and celebrate all the fun you had this weekend! And you deserve a treat!

We rounded up six of our favorite comfort food dishes — and as an added bonus, we're skipping over all those high calorie recipes and reaching for the guilt-free classics instead. Our sisters at have all the details on these heart-healthy, heartwarming, tasty and divine healthy comfort food! Head on over there and check it out. You can thank us later!

PHOTO: The Nest / The Bump