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Ford's Bassinet Will Drive Your Baby to Sleep

Buckle up for bed time!
PUBLISHED ON 04/07/2017

The newest bassinet on the block feels like a drive around one. Ford is piloting a baby cot that mimics the feeling of going for a drive—a tried and true parent trick for lulling baby to sleep.

Of course, the hiccup in the drive-baby-to-sleep plan is that you eventually have to make the transfer to the crib. Ford's solution, called Max Motor Dreams, aims to bring the car to the nursery, using gentle motors to stimulate that on-the-road feel. Plus, soft LED lighting on the base mimcs streetlights and a smart phone app allows you to record and replay actual driving noises.

Photo: Ford

Can you buy this? Not yet. Ford is still gauging interest. But in the meantime, the SNOO Smart Sleeper looks pretty similar, and offers its own style of vibrations to soothe crying babies back to sleep.