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Easy Fourth of July Desserts

PUBLISHED ON 07/03/2014

Happy Fourth, Bumpies! With a new baby in the house (or, more likely, on your all times) or one on the way, we understand it would be difficult to concoct some over-the-top, ridiculous dessert to celebrate the holiday. Instead of slaving over homemade crusts for some intricate, impossible-to-create pie, give yourself a break! We won't tell if you use store-bought ingredients. Here are some of our favorite Fourth of July desserts that are actually easy to make. Don't worry — they're still super delicious and your guests will eat them all up. Just save some for us!

Strawberry Creme Fraiche Tart:  This tart is piled high with ripe berries and tangy creme fraiche, making it a cool treat for warm nights.

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