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Gardner Quad Squad Reveals Their Baby Name Picks

PUBLISHED ON 11/19/2014

Struggling to pick a baby name? Try picking four.

Ashley and Tyson Gardner, the now famous expectant parents of quadruplets, unveiled their picks on Monday. We'll no longer be hearing about babies A, B, C and D, but Indie Mae , Esme Jane , Scarlett Elizabeth and Evangeline Faith.

The pair credits their Facebook fans — and Ashley's hospital-mandated downtime — for helping to speed the decision-making process along.

"Thank you all, for your wonderful name ideas that you put on the page," Tyson says in a video to their followers. "We had a lot of fun looking at them. They were some great names; we wish we could've used them all."

"But I don't have enough room to use them all!" says Ashley.

While they didn't explain the specific inspiration behind each first name choice, the Gardners did reveal the special meaning behind each middle name. Mae was Tyson's grandmother's middle name; Jane is Ashley's niece's middle name; Elizabeth is Ashley's own middle name; and Faith — that's been their biggest motivator each step of the way.

"Obviously we had to have a lot of faith to get them here," Ashley says of the two sets of identical twin girls — a one in 70 million scenario with IVF.

Faith also got them through emergency surgery in October, correcting  twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome in two of the babies.

The girls are due in late December or early January. Until then, we'll be tracking their progress along with all their other Facebook fans.

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