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profile picture of Kaitlyn Kirby
Kaitlyn Kirby

Get The Look: Kourtney Kardashian’s Chic Stroller

PUBLISHED ON 07/10/2012

Everyone's talking about the brand-new mom of two, Kourtney Kardashian this week. If the baby-gear junkie in you is wondering which stroller Kourtney will be pushing new baby Penelope in, chances are she'll keep using the same chic stroller she's been using for big brother Mason — the 4moms Origami.

The Origami is on the A-list — Natalie Portman, Rachel Zoe, Bethenny Frankel, Tia Mowry, Melanie Brown, Denise Richards and Mario Lopez also reportedly use it — because it's so high-tech. It's the world's first power-folding stroller — just push a button and it folds itself (no fumbling around!) and it also has running lights, a built-in generator, the ability to charge your cell phone  and an LCD screen that displays a thermometer, speedometer and odometer. The 4moms Origami retails for $850 at 4moms.com and baby stores nationwide.

PHOTO: Photos: Courtesy of CelebrityBabyScoop / Courtesy of the Manufacturer